Intervention tooling

Aker Solutions' innovative tooling group has over the years established a vast product portfolio, consisting of standardised remote operated vehicle (ROV) tools in addition to specialised and custom tooling for dedicated intervention operations.
deepSPEED™ - The flexible and fast installation commissioning tool

We enjoy making solutions out of problems

ROV & intervention tooling provide high quality tools which are designed according to ISO 13628-8, ISO 13628-9, API 17H and client specifications.

Standard tools:

  • Torque tools system
  • Tooling control system
  • Subsea seal replacement tools
  • Subsea seal surface cleaning tools
  • Module running tools
  • Override tools
  • Gear boxes
  • Test containers
  • Deployment basket

Specialised tools:

  • deepSPEED™
  • Contingency tools for special operations
  • Subsea connection tools

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