Well integrity logging

The productive life of any well can be reduced by the condition of the well itself. Failure in the integrity can be expensive - resulting in lost production, environmental pollutions, repair costs or accidents. Expensive, corrective work can be minimized with exact knowledge of a well's condition.


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Many operators now find it crucially important to try to understand the levels of corrosive damage and/or physical deformations that are present in their wells.

In addition many operators have to deal with scale deposits that have serious repercussions on the flow efficiency of the completions.

Data from multifinger calipers and the magnetic thickness tools makes it possible to determine the condition of the casing or tubing within a well.

Multifinger Imaging Tool (MIT)

The MIT measures the inner diameter of a wellbore and is able to detect very small changes of the internal surface conditions with a high degree of accuracy. The tool has an array of hard surface fingers, each finger makes contact with the inside wall of a pipe measuring radius with precise resolution and accuracy. The tool is available in three sizes (24, 40 or 60 fingers) and can measure pipe diameters from 1.7in to 14in.

Magnetic Thickness Tool (MTT)

The MTT uses 12 miniature magnetic sensors to investigate variations of pipe metal thickness. The sensors are mounted on collapsible bow springs, allowing the tool to pass through smaller tubings and log pipes up to 7in. Combining the data with MIT data, metal thickness and OD are derived.

Multifinger Caliper and MTT analysis

We use the MIPS caliper analysis software package for the analysis of both the caliper and MTT tools. MIPS enables the application of extremely accurate processes for the depth correlation and fine calibration of the data whilst providing 3D, cross-sectional and time-lapse tools for interpreting the results. It is possible to import auxilliary data (such as gamma-ray and PLT data) that aids in the evaluation of features such as radio-active scale deposits.

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