Even before starting his master's thesis, Arnt had signed the employment contract with Aker Solutions' software arm ix3. Now he uses knowledge-based engineering (KBE) to develop applications that automate engineering tasks and processes and reduce manhours spent on repetitive tasks.

Why did you want to work as a developer for Aker Solutions?

Working for Aker Solutions has been a dream ever since I decided to become an engineer at the end of high school. To work within the field of oil and gas has always seemed exciting and challenging. Because of Aker Solutions' position in the market and its engagement within the digitalization of the industry, it was an attractive company to me.

What does your day look like?

I am part of a team that works to adapt our products to the modern technology stack and build a foundation for developing new products. This means getting to know the newest technologies and explore different solutions to industry challenges that we strive to solve with our product portfolio. A natural consequence of this is digitalizing all aspects of the solutions. By moving data and our solutions to the cloud, we can save both time and money.

How are you working with engineers at Aker Solutions?

We are working a lot in interdisciplinary teams where software developers and various engineers are sitting together to find solutions. This easy access to knowledge is extremely valuable, especially when we are developing applications for the engineers' expertise domains. This way, I learn a lot about the domains myself, satisfying my curiosity for engineering and increasing my engineering knowledge across different disciplines.