Despite her engineering background, Marte has held commercial and operational leadership roles at the company ever since she joined Aker Solutions as a 28 year old in 2005. She has worked in many groups, including business development, finance and tendering, and been on maternity leave three times before taking on her current role as responsible for major modification and hook-up projects in Norway.

What first attracted you to Aker Solutions?

I was working in administration of the Norwegian state’s ownership (Petoro) in the oil and gas industry and wanted a more operational role. During my interviews at Aker Solutions I met young, clever people who had been given a lot of opportunities. I saw this as a sign that this was a company where I could develop quickly if I performed well. That assumption turned out to be true, and I took on my first manager position less than two years later.

How has it been to combine a family life with leadership roles?

My managers have been very understanding when it comes to combining my leadership roles with my family life with one, two and now three kids. At the same time, the company has continued to challenge and support me in taking on new and more substantial roles.

What do you think the future holds for you?

I am having fun at work and believe there are a variety of other exciting opportunities for me here. I have the pleasure of working with highly experienced project managers and teams, as well as customers, and together we are creating value for both ourselves and the client.