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Asset Integrity Management

We offer safe operations, increased reliability, improved production and lower costs through our integrated provision.

Asset Integrity Management is at the heart of Aker Solutions’ core capabilities. This competency is based on a track record of experience spanning over 30 years, combining talent, experience and technology to maximize insight, optimize current practices and evolve asset performance.

Our specialist services ensure that our customers maintain full control of the integrity of their facilities and associated infrastructure, spend where it is most needed, have confidence to make quick, informed decisions and meet production targets.

Your Assets, Our Solutions

We understand what the key drivers are in a modern operating environment and work closely with our customers to strengthen our capability and expand our reach.

This commitment and continuous improvement allows us to provide what we believe is the most complete portfolio of differentiated integrity and lifecycle solutions available in the market today.

We are committed to being an engaged, collaborative and energized partner offering:

  • Focus on cost-effectiveness
  • Added value through optimized spending
  • Innovative solutions scalable to all levels of the asset and operation
  • Experienced personnel with extensive topsides, subsea and onshore expertise
  • A multi-disciplined approach to integrity, reliability and associated support
  • Global offering and availability

Our Reach and Capability

Our depth of experience and asset knowledge allows us to offer tailored solutions and innovative commercial packages for any location, of any size and at any point in the assets lifecycle.

This is from the concept phase, through aging infrastructures with late life requirements, to decommissioning.

What We Deliver

Data Management & Analytics

The ability to gain insight and value from centralized data is critical to effectively managing and optimizing work processes. We provide our customers a range of propriety systems and intelligent analytics; Coabis™ for inspection and integrity management, Integri-Tech™ for fitness-for-service & lifetime extension, and QVi™ (Quantified Visual Integrity) for collaborative work process integration, optimization and data visualization. These provide our customers with full access to their assets data, current condition and performance while providing a comprehensive framework to effectively plan, report and support overall improvement.

Inspection Services

Inspection is an integral part in measuring the asset condition. Top quality results, measured using the most effective methods, are an essential part of asset integrity management in today’s economic climate. AIM is a leading provider of traditional, advanced and specialist inspection techniques. It gathers consistent and reliable integrity data and provides feedback across all asset types to understand their true condition. We are at the leading-edge of technology, developing inspection systems in cooperation with the world’s top experts that are more efficient and more accurate.

Pipeline Integrity Management

Pipelines are a critical element of the onshore and offshore delivery infrastructure that require an optimized approach to ensure maximized availability, reliability and throughput. This includes both operational activities, inspections, maintenance and repairs. Our approach for both surface and subsea pipelines is based on a combination of performance and risk based methods, augmented by our data management and analytics offering. We carry out a detailed assessment of current conditions and performance, quantify risk, manage and execute required inspections, conduct a fitness for service analysis and effectively manage all data requirements.

Structural Integrity Management

Structural integrity is the first safety barrier in managing hazards on any asset. By applying detailed knowledge and experience, our engineers accurately assess the structural integrity and overall safety standards. We combine a practical approach with advanced analysis to find the best solution, adapting to the changing requirements of the asset as it ages. We design and assess major and minor modifications and upgrades of hulls, jackets and topsides and offer solutions for lifetime extension and reliability-based inspection planning.

Pressure Systems Integrity Management

The whole function of an asset is to produce, and so the integrity of the pressure systems stands at the core of the assets ability to give the desired returns. Our integrated services cover all aspects of pressure systems integrity management throughout an asset’s lifecycle. We develop cost-optimized strategies and plans to fit our customer’s operational models while providing direct support for current fitness for service and remaining life. Accordingly we prioritize inspection where it is needed, advise on what is required to extend the life of the system components and provide experienced anomaly management and close-out support.

Leak Detection and Repair

Aker Solutions offers a complete turnkey service to prioritize, detect, repair and report Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) leaks, both onshore and offshore. We work directly with our customers to develop Emergency Preparedness Analysis (EPA) and client compliant Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) programmes for assets of any size and at any stage in their lifecycle. This way, risk to personnel is mitigated, while unnecessary releases, pollution and associated lost revenues are prevented.

Reliability and Maintenance (R&M)

Driving the change towards value based maintenance, giving cost-effective improved performance. The application of proven reliability and maintenance engineering aimed at value creation provides the opportunity for improved system uptime while ensuring return on investment. We see the big picture. By taking a holistic approach towards maintenance, inspection, testing and monitoring, and having a thorough understanding of technical, administrative and organizational elements, we can deliver fully optimized strategies and builds that cater for today’s business drivers; reducing execution costs and spares holdings, while increasing overall efficiency.

Subsea Integrity Management

Subsea integrity management combines the challenges associated with the subsea production system and associated infrastructure and the expense of remote access to the seabed. Our Subsea AIM services offer cost effective, integrated and practical solutions reflecting the need for predictability and minimal interruption to production. We work closely with our customers to develop and manage inspection, maintenance, operational and monitoring programs for their subsea assets and associated infrastructure. We also provide direct support for anomaly management, life extension and fitness for service studies.