Subsea Power Distribution Systems

Subsea power distribution systems are enablers for long-distance subsea tie-back developments and energy intensive processing activities on the seafloor. Providing power to subsea compressors, pumps and flowline heating, they are key to make viable and productive projects in deepwater, remote or harsh climate scenarios.

Reduced Costs and Carbon Emissions

Aker Solutions supplies complete power distribution systems for subsea processing and boosting installations. Our services include front-end studies, detailed engineering, testing and delivery. We offer onshore and offshore assistance, as well as commissioning and ad-hoc services. We also provide training of operators.

Our distribution systems can be used in shallow or deep waters, as well as at greenfield or brownfield developments. They reduce power costs, allow greater energy efficiency, curb consumption and improve a field’s carbon dioxide emissions profile. The systems can supply power to subsea installations in waters down to 3,000 meters deep, and as far as 200 kilometers from land. The boost they enable allows tie-backs much farther from land or existing infrastructure than with other technologies.

By integrating third party power electronics and electrical systems into marinized modules, our systems gives the best and most cost-effective solutions for powering subsea processing, boosting, transformers, variable speed drives, switchgear, uninterrupted power supply modules and flowline heating.

Power Distribution Solutions

Subsea Variable Speed Drive

Powers modules up to 16 MVA (mega volt-amperes), providing the frequency and torque required to run subsea pumps and compressors on the seabed.

Subsea Transformer

Modules of 20-100 MVA power long step-outs from land or existing infrastructure with reduced cable size and voltages up to 145kV.

Subsea Uninterruptible Power Supply

Modules ranging in size from 50 to 200 kVA (kilovolt-amperes) provide continuous, stabilized back-up power to all power and process control systems.

Subsea Switchgear & Power Distribution

Module design available to act as individual circuit breakers for single loads or as comprehensive substations for several pumps or compressors with ratings of 40 MVA and 36 kV or more.

Subsea RotoConverter™ and Variable RotoConverter™

Cost-effective power supplies for brownfield subsea boosting applications and low frequency AC power to ultra-long step-out subsea compression and pump installations.

Subsea HV Connector Mating Mechanisms

Special tools for accurate and safe coupling of high power electrical subsea connectors, which ensure robustness and long lifetime of the power modules that are being electrically connected on the seabed.

Power Distribution Systems

Power Distribution Systems

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