Subsea Trees

They have become essential building blocks at offshore installations and are critical in ensuring safe and reliable drilling and production. The trees operate with the wellhead to control the flow of production or injection fluids and also connect tubing and other devices in the well to the seafloor and facilities above water.

Solutions for All Water Depths

We design, produce and maintain flexible, standardized or custom-made subsea trees for use in all water depths. That includes trees that can work in extreme temperature ranging from minus 18 degrees Celsius to plus 176 degrees Celsius and at pressures of up to 15,000 pounds per square inch, or more than 1,000 bar.

We deliver trees as part of a total subsea production system. They are also available as standalone items that interface with existing infrastructures. We can provide lifecycle services at our customers’ locations.

What We Design and Deliver

Horizontal Trees

We design, build and adapt our horizontal subsea trees for projects ranging from shallow water templates to deep-water satellites. A variety of different subsea tree configurations exists in our portfolio that enables us to meet most project requests based on field proven technology and solutions.

Wellhead Vertical Trees

Vertical subsea trees are mounted  directly on the subsea wellhead and offer a broad range of functions in deep or shallow waters. The portfolio of conventional vertical trees has in recent years been upgraded based on decades of experience. With full deep-water capability, in addition to offering a 7 inch production bore size, we meet all market demands in this segment.

Tubing Head Spool Vertical Trees

We have supplied several hundred vertical trees mounted on tubing head spools for deep-water projects worldwide. A portfolio of different systems has been developed to meet a variety of connection sizes and functionality levels. Flexible design and robustness are key considerations for our offerings in deep-water applications.

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Subsea Trees

Subsea Trees

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