Tie-In Systems

Tie-in systems are essential building blocks in subsea installations. They provide safe and leak-proof connections between subsea infrastructure and flow-lines, umbilicals, modules and pipelines for import or export of oil or gas.

Quick and Cost Effective Installations

Aker Solutions’ tie-in systems are designed for quick, cost-effective installations in shallow or deep waters. All installation work is performed with lightweight ROV carried tooling eliminating the need for deep-sea divers.

Our systems are reliable, robust and easy to operate. Based on standard components and interfaces they allow for simple integration with subsea structures and pipelines and provide a large range of possible applications

We have worked closely with the oil industry to develop our horizontal and vertical connection systems. Both share the same field proven core components developed and improved over 30 years, including hubs, clamps and seals, as all other Aker Solutions tie-ins.

What We Deliver

Horizontal Connection Systems (HCS)

Our HCS diver-less, tie-in system is made for the subsea connection of horizontal rigid jumpers and spools, flexible flow lines and umbilicals. HCS can be installed with or without guidewires and allow landing / wet storing of the jumpers / terminations prior to manifold / XT installation or retrieval of tree/manifold without removal of the spool/jumper. The HCS is available with insulation.

Remote Tie-In System

The ROV-operated Remote Tie-In System (RTS) is a combined pull-in and connection subsea tool capable of handling both flexible and rigid pipelines in 6- to 12-inch range. Our latest version is the fourth generation of the tool. It allows fast installations and safe connections, and can be operated from a small support vessel or from a rig that is drilling. As the RTS can be installed by ROV only, and is able to winch in a termination heads without the use of a crane, it is well suited for simultaneous operations where access to structures is paramount to schedule.

Vertical Connection Systems (VCS)

The VCS is our main system for tying in vertical rigid jumpers, spools and flexible flow lines, usually in deep waters without fishing activity that would require extra protection for subsea structures. The VCS offers the ability to perform seal change out with crane operations. The VCS is available with insulation.

Big Brother Remote Tie-In System

The Big Brother ROV-operated Tie-in System (BBRTS) is a combined pull-in and connection tool capable of handling both flexible and rigid horizontal pipelines in 14- to 28-inch range. The tool incorporates the same technical capabilities as the smaller RTS.

Tie-In Systems

Tie-In Systems

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