Umbilicals link surface and seafloor oil and gas equipment for controls, power or heat. They provide electric and fiber-optic signals, electrical power and hydraulic and chemical injection fluids to the subsea unit. They can also power subsea boosting and compression, as well as provide flow-line heating to prevent the formation of wax and hydrates that could slow oil production.

Unique and Robust Designs

Aker Solutions has delivered more than 550 umbilicals worldwide over the past 20 years, using a wide range of technologies and designs to meet our clients’ needs. From our facilities in Norway and the United States we have capacity to engineer and construct umbilicals that meet specific customer requirements.

Our systems can withstand high pressures and temperatures, ultra-deep waters, harsh environments and long distances. With our unique design we provide a robust umbilical with predictable performance during installation and service. We utilize technologies such as carbon fiber rods, suspension of power cores underneath fatigue exposed sections and polymers to meet thermal requirements. Our special system for packaging tubes and cables minimize longitudinal forces while offering greater internal and external strength, high fatigue capacity and with no restrictions on geometry.

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Umbilical and Cable Systems

Power Umbilicals and Cables

Aker Solutions patented designs for power umbilicals and cables are a highly advanced way of providing power and controls to subsea processing and boosting systems. They are well suited to either fixed platforms or floating units.

Steel Tube Umbilicals

Our steel tube umbilical designs provide a reliable and durable way of connecting onshore or offshore hosts with subsea facilities. They typically provide hydraulic fluid for control, various chemical fluids for injection into the flowline, electrical power  and electrical- or fiberoptical signal transmission.

Steel Tube Flying Leads

Aker Solutions manufactures loose bundle type flying leads and umbilical type flying leads with soft profiles to enhance flexibility.

Direct Electrical Heating Systems

Our Direct Electrical Heating Systems are designed for use in flow-lines and pipelines to prevent the formation of wax and hydrates, which could slow the stream of hydrocarbons. We design, engineer and manufacture the system to meet our client’s needs.

Integrated Production Umbilicals

The “IPU” combines the umbilical function and the flowline and offers an alternative flow heating solution.



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