Immediately after starting at Aker Solutions in Angola, Celma went to the Aberdeen office for four weeks of training to learn from experienced piping and structural analysis engineers. She has been back twice since and is now continuing the knowledge exchange remotely from Luanda.

What originally attracted you to work here?

I had read a lot about Aker Solutions and liked the way the company seemed to challenge its employees by allowing them to work independently with problem solving. In my previous jobs, the tasks were very specific and managers expected us to just follow instructions.

How has the job lived up to your expectations?

My expectations have been met and exceeded. I feel very lucky to be a part of the Aker Solutions team. I have received all the support I need to enhance my skills and am allowed to think outside of the box. This has boosted my confidence and encourages me to work every day to get better.

What is the best thing about working here?

The best thing is definitely the overall culture and how management is committed to the development, safety, health and overall well-being of their employees. My manager's main objective is to make sure me and my colleagues are as competent as possible. Working at Aker Solutions has broadened my vision of my future as the opportunities here are countless.