Our Environmental Impact

Sustainable management is essential to the future of the industry and the company. Aker Solutions takes a proactive and precautionary approach to environmental management:

  • We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our own and our customers’ activities by providing technology, products and services that are environmentally sound
  • We manage our environmental impact by reducing energy consumption and emissions, and handling waste and spills
  • We continuously challenge ourselves to reduce our environmental footprint

Managing environmental and climate-related risks is required to ensure a sustainable future for our company, our clients, and the industry at large.

We aim to reduce our energy intensity by 2% per year through operational excellence, improved technological solutions, and by selecting renewables over non-renewables where possible.

In 2019, the company responded to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) reporting framework. As a first time responder, no score was given. In 2020, we will submit the full version of the questionnaire and will share our score.