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How We #PowerTheChange

To us, #PowerTheChange means that we transform the way we behave, lead and operate. We challenge ourselves, our customers and partners to seek new ways of working.

This starts with taking a good look at ourselves, who we are as an organization and who will we be moving forward.

Building on this, we have identified three categories that play a vital part in how we accelerate the transition to sustainable energy production.

  1. Strategy and culture
  2. Digitalization
  3. Sustainability

1. Strategy and Culture

The changes happening around us offer both opportunities and risks, and we need to adapt our way of working to meet the future needs of our customers and society. We need to commit to a new way of working and look within to identify our strengths and weaknesses, our values, our behaviors to explore new opportunities for our partners and us.

We identified three key elements that will be vital for our organization as we engage on this transformation journey:

Improve Core

  • We build on our proud heritage committing to safety, quality and precision
  • We chase inefficiencies and improve operational competitiveness

Accelerate Renewal

  • We develop people to build new and more sustainable energy solutions
  • We drive the digital agenda to increase speed and enable added value outtake

Cultivate Collaboration

  • We connect with colleagues and external partners by being open, curious and humble
  • We seek solutions creating value for all based on trust and mutual respect

2. Digitalization

Digitalization is another vital element in how we #PowerTheChange. Through our various digital initiatives we empower:

  • Our customers to access real data in real time to make better decisions 
  • Our partners to challenge and disrupt traditional processes to create new and better solutions
  • Our people to use digital tools and technologies to explore better ways of working

3. Sustainability

Sustainability at Aker Solutions means making responsible business decisions that create value while protecting the environment and contributing to the good of society.

Even with the increasing development of renewable energy, the world will need oil and gas for a long time to come and we will act as a responsible partner in delivering to the oil and gas and renewable markets.

With a clear focus on environmental, social and governance activities, we commit to:

  • Working together to face the climate change challenge
  • Taking ownership in creating a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future through improved solutions
  • Acting responsibly to the benefit of our employees, customers and society

We are on an important mission, but the path to net-zero is one that cannot be achieved alone.

Working closely with our customers, partners and authorities, even competitors and critics is the key to develop the clean energy solutions that will be vital to reducing carbon emissions worldwide.

We are all in this together. We must share our knowledge, collaborate and transform to find more sustainable and innovative energy solutions.

Together, we will #PowerTheChange