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Our services

Turning ideas into impact

Our service lines encompass general advisory and origination services, front-end engineering, specialised services, owner’s engineering, and operational phase services.

In this decade, the energy industry is at an inflexion point, as it seeks to address the energy trilemma by bringing lower carbon, affordable and secure energy sources to reality. Many of the emerging value chains are immature or incomplete with nascent commercial and regulatory frameworks to enable their growth.
Specialized services
We offer a broad spectrum of specialized services to the oil and gas and renewables industries, providing tailored solutions across all phases of project development from feasibility, through detailed design and onto the operational life of a facility. 
Owner’s engineering
Our experienced owner's engineering team leverages project execution expertise and proven technologies to provide specialist advisory, governance, and technical support services. 
Estimation is a core delivery of Entr’s early phase services, supporting decision making, and impacting the delivery strategy and business case.
Front-end engineering
Entr brings together a wealth of experience, knowledge, and competencies to provide robust engineering in project planning and development. We cover early phase facility design for all markets, from complex onshore facilities integrating state-of-the-art licensed technologies to offshore facilities for low carbon oil and gas production, CO2 injection and offshore wind farms.