The Aker Solutions logo is available in two different layouts: horizontal and vertical. Each layout version is available in four different color options: color, negative, black and white.

The full color horizontal logo on a white background is the preferred option and should be used wherever possible to maximize recognition, association and memorability. The vertical logo should only be used when space is a limitation.

The Aker Solutions logo is a registered trademark. We grant permission to use the logo provided that you comply with the following guidelines.


Horizontal Color Logo


Vertical Color Logo


Horizontal Negative Logo


Vertical Negative Logo


Horizontal Black Logo


Vertical Black Logo


Horizontal White Logo


Vertical White Logo


Logo Guidelines

Aker Solutions logo consists of icon and company name together. It is the representative for the company, everyone who works here and our products.

It is the unifying symbol for all Aker Solutions stands for, therefore it is important that it is used in a consistent manner and are of the highest quality.

Sizing and Scaling

The logo must never be distorted. The aspect ratio (the ratio of height to width) must always remain the same.

Clear Space and Positioning

The logo must always be clear, visible and distinct from other design elements. here must be adequate clear space around the logo to ensure it is properly presented and that the background does not detract from its distinctness or legibility. The logo should never be used as part of text or in direct combination with text or any other graphic elements.

Guidelines: Horizontal Logo

On a general surface the horizontal logo should be aligned left or right – top or bottom. The minimum clear space is the width of one logo icon. Minimum size (width) is 25mm for print and 76px for screen use. Download example of clear space and logo positioning

Guidelines: Vertical Logo

The vertical logo is normally centered and vertically aligned middle. It can be aligned left or right – top or bottom. Bottom vertical alignment is preferred when the logo is aligned left or right. The minimum clear space area is identical to the size of “A” in Aker. Minimum size (width) is 20mm for print and 50px for screen use. Download example of clear space and logo positioning


Please contact us if you have additional questions about the Aker Solutions logo.

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