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The Aker Solutions logo is the primary visual symbol of our brand, representing the company, our team, and our solutions. Here you can download different logo versions and file formats.



There are 4 color options: navy and orange, navy, black, and white. Use the navy and orange logo on a white background wherever possible. Each color option is available in 3 file types that cover different uses. EPS is optimized for print. PNG and SVG are for digital use.

Sizing and scaling

The logo must never be distorted. The aspect ratio must always remain the same.

Clear space and positioning

There should always be enough clear space around the logo. This helps it stand out and preserve its impact.

Guidelines: Horizontal logo

In most situations, our logo should be positioned on the left side, either at the top or bottom, to achieve the most balanced layout.


Please contact us if you have additional questions about using the Aker Solutions logo.

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