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Renewable Energy Solutions

We design and deliver renewable energy solutions for hydropower, offshore wind, hydrogen and carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS).
Offshore Wind
Aker Solutions brings five decades of experience and a worldwide track record in designing, developing and managing large, complex offshore projects to the renewable energy industry. For offshore wind developers in need of a one-stop shop: we deliver all but the turbine.
Hydrogen & Derivatives
Aker Solutions is a lifecycle partner for clean hydrogen (H2), ammonia and e-fuels facilities. (Illustration: new e-fuel and H2 plant)
Aker Solutions "water-to-wire" hydropower offering includes newbuild turbines, refurbishment, upgrades and hydropower controls to help utilities and clean-energy developers optimize their hydropower plants.
Offshore Fish Farming
Aker Solutions designs and delivers offshore fish farms for cold water species in exposed and harsh weather regions.
LINCCS updates: Defining CCS offshore
For industries emitting a lot of carbon-heavy flue gas, the piping-away and safe injection of carbon-dioxide (CO2) into offshore wells may be the only way to capture, remove and store the greenhouse gas.