When starting at Aker Solutions in 2012, Tom immediately joined the Solutioneers – an internal network that promotes professional development, fun and interaction across disciplines and geographies. Being a part of this group allowed him to experience what working in a team could do and has helped him along his path from starting as a local recruitment coordinator to becoming an HR manager.

What originally attracted you to work at Aker Solutions?

Ever since I was a kid, I have been eager to learn how things work and I loved presenting and working in groups at school. When I saw the advertisement for a Recruitment Coordinator position at Aker Solutions and read up on the company and its values, I knew it would be a place where I could develop my passion for people and learn new systems and ways of working.

In your opinion, what is successful human resources management?

People do not buy what you do, but why you do it. Therefore you need to be passionate about what you believe in. I believe in listening to people, being humble and understanding, as well as engaging with employees. This helps everyone work towards a common goal.

What have you learned since joining the company?

Humility. The secret to great relationships is not to think less of yourself, but to think of yourself less and rather focus on others. By really listening to what others have to say, you can find the problems, provide solutions and move on.