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Case study

Entr delivers study for offshore wind development down under

Entr was subcontracted by Mainstream Renewable Power (Mainstream) to carry out a high-level mapping of suppliers and infrastructure to support an offshore wind development in southeastern Australia.

Mainstream Renewable Power
Victoria, Australia
March 2023 – April 2023
The challenge

Mainstream challenged Entr to identify an execution method to manufacture a series of offshore wind structures, suitable for water depths of 80 meters. Gippsland Skies is a 2.5GW project involving a multiyear fabrication program for jacket structures, requiring the team to assess the various sites, ports, and suppliers in the region. The structures would be loaded onto a floating barge at the fabrication site and towed to its final destination for installation. 

Mainstream engaged with Entr due to its fabrication expertise and long history of delivering large, complex projects across Australia’s oil and gas, process plant and mining industries.

We are very pleased with the report. It gives us a lot of useful information about possible platform solutions and forms a good knowledge base for our further work.
Our solution

We identified a number of sites and ports and shortlisted three, based on their location and existing facilities. After further analysis the most suitable site was selected due to its availability of land space, future upgrade plans, location, and accessibility to skilled manpower. The site also included a storage space, which was required for the planned execution method and potential installation schedule.

Drawing on expertise from our fabrication experts in Verdal and Egersund, we also had personnel in Oslo and in Perth, Australia to provide on the ground support and coordination.


Our team carried out a thorough assessment of sites to determine whether the jacket structures could be fabricated locally and identified a fit for purpose yard that met Mainstream’s requirements and evaluation criteria. The preferred site also allowed for long term business opportunities and utilization. If the project goes ahead, the yard will be the first high-volume facility in Australia.

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