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Hydrogen and CO2

Entr’s extensive experience in carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), as well as hydrogen and derivatives such as e-methanol, ammonia, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and biofuels brings a unique perspective to emerging energy value chains.

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We support our customers in navigating and mitigating the inherent uncertainties in the market such as changing policies and regulatory regimes, offtake opportunities and agreements, technology development and supply chain challenges. Our multidisciplined teams offer a unique combination of commercial and regulatory knowledge, technology know-how, early engineering screening and design definition, execution methodology and strategy experience, with a firm focus on the safety of people, the environment, and assets. 

Entr’s broad set of offerings guide our customers in securing their path from idea to realization, enabling robust decision making and maximum value.  

Our focus areas: 

  • Permitting and regulatory advice 
  • Project framing and decision support  
  • Business case analysis 
  • Integrated energy solutions 
  • Technology screening, selection, and integration  
  • Value improvement processes 
  • Automated engineering solutions for early phase consultancy and project execution 
  • Decarbonization roadmaps and solution development 
  • Solutions for production of green/blue hydrogen and derivatives such as ammonia, methanol, and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) 
  • Carbon capture, liquefaction, usage, and storage solutions 
  • Transport systems 
  • Pre-FEEDs
  • Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) 

Our extensive CCUS experience spans over three decades, having designed, built, and delivered CO2 offshore and onshore storage solutions to the Norwegian Continental Shelf since the 1990’s. Notably, we have carried out front-end studies and executed the project for the world’s largest and most advanced facility for testing carbon capture technologies, the Test Centre Mongstad (TCM), which was completed in 2011. 

Entr, as a technology-agnostic and independent partner to the CCUS industry, has source-to-sink capabilities from CO2 capture, compression and liquefaction, transport, and storage hubs, offshore transport, and offshore injection hubs to subsurface storage. For all parts of the value chain, Entr offers advisory services on key aspects from policy and regulation, licensing, permitting, origination, technology assessment and screening, conceptual selection, and design, to pre-FEED and FEEDs. 

Hydrogen and derivatives 

With more than 30 years of hydrogen experience, we are expanding our focus on clean hydrogen projects worldwide, delivering services across the green hydrogen, blue hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, and biofuels markets.  

Our extensive onshore track record having designed, built, and delivered multiple onshore gas projects including brownfield integration provides knowledge and experience that are applied to hydrogen and industrial decarbonization studies. The studies we cover range from green hydrogen production plants using multiple technologies to complex refinery decarbonization studies enabling blue hydrogen and production of sustainable fuels as SAF, e-methanol and biofuel. 

Offshore hydrogen production is an exploratory area where we leverage our offshore and subsea expertise. Offshore hydrogen projects and studies performed by Entr provide valuable insights into business opportunities for offshore hydrogen, as well as technological limitations and current technology gaps. 

Learning from project execution experience 

Experience from our long list of delivered projects is embedded into our execution models. In our advisory and early phase work, we utilize data and best practices harvested from previous project lessons learned. The result includes proven project execution methodologies and design optimizations. Pragmatic advice and solutions based on our insatiable appetite to learn from experience.

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