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Low carbon oil and gas

We have delivered some of the world’s largest and most complex oil and gas projects, and this experience is engrained in our strong team of specialists which enable our customers to develop and safeguard their next project investments.

From planning and developing complete upstream area developments and facilities, both greenfield and brownfield, topsides and subsea, to midstream facilities onshore and offshore, and downstream facilities onshore, our team harvests a huge database of lessons learned and best practices to the benefit of our customers. We are uniquely placed to help our customers decarbonize their assets and reduce their scope 1 and 2 emissions, with a world leading experience base in electrification and carbon capture particularly. 

Our methods are developed to match the current challenges in defining business cases, providing strong analysis and conceptual engineering, with access to one of the largest experience bases in the market, all focused on providing the best support to enable our customers to make informed decisions related to their projects and investments.  

Each asset has its unique challenges and opportunities. We have experts who cover a wide range of disciplines and specializations, allowing us to tailor our approach to maximize the value and minimize the risk of each project. 

At Entr, we provide a range of services to support our customers in navigating the energy transition within oil and gas, across all stages of the asset lifecycle, and described below: 

Area development 

To develop an offshore site, we start by providing framing and screening services related to the field development, understanding nearby facilities, infrastructure, and available capacities, if any, to provide a set of viable options aligned with the overall project drivers. 

We offer a full suite of services from opportunity appraisal through to concept selection, for both new area developments and subsea tiebacks to existing hosts, providing architecture, technical concepts, project and investment strategies, and plans. This work is underpinned by our focus on safety in design, flow assurance, emissions reduction and robust estimation of cost, weight, and schedule. 

Our area development capabilities rely on a strong team of experts within facilities, topsides, substructure, and subsea design, complemented with advanced analysis capabilities, to challenge the balance between topsides, subsea processing and utilities needs, and with equal capability in assessing the systems associated with both molecule and electron.  

Facility design  

Our teams utilize learnings and best practice from years of developing facilities, enabling them to identify the best fit platform for any energy production facility, and further refining the application choice. Our facility design offerings include:  

Complete bottom fixed and floating facilities (topsides and substructures/hulls) 

  • Ship-shape FPSOs, cylindrical FPSOs, SPARS, barges, and arctic vessels  
  • Semi-submersible platforms and TLPs  
  • Bottom fixed facilities; jackets and GBS   

Onshore facilities  

  • Terminals, refineries, loading stations, pipelines  

Subsea architecture and facilities 

  • Pipelines, umbilicals, and cable production systems, PLEMS, manifolds 
  • Operational phase services: upgrades, modifications and optimizations 

We have more than 40 years of experience in the upgrade and modification of existing operating assets, with minimum impact to ongoing operations, to allow for capacity increase within drilling, accommodation, processing, vessel stability, load-bearing capacity, safety, and power systems. 

Climate change has impacted offshore facilities with higher and more impactful wave-patterns, running an increased risk to facilities. We have a world class marine and structural design and analysis team with experience in these issues, as well as classification rules and regulations, to minimize the need to taking a vessel off-station for necessary upgrades. Our services comprise of:  

Field and asset optimization 

  • Pressure decline upgrades, IOR/ EOR, debottlenecking, OPEX reductions, lifetime extension, environmental and metocean impact mitigations 

Decarbonization, emissions reduction and electrification 

  • Emissions reduction programs, power management, energy conservation, electrifications, flare elimination, CO2 capture and utilization, BAT assessments  

Late life and decommissioning 

  • Tail-end phase planning, engineering down, OPEX reduction, decommissioning, recycling and reuse, due diligence 

Entr’s comprehensive team of analysis specialists are used actively to underpin the basis of our conceptual designs. This enables us to provide maximum value by utilizing as much existing capacity as safely as possible and in accordance with legislation and regulatory requirements.  

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