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Ocean and wind

Entr provides an in-depth understanding of the offshore wind, aquaculture, and ocean industries, adding value at every stage of the project value chain. We do this by building on five decades of experience in naval architecture and marine engineering, designing, and delivering complex fixed and floating structures for some of the most extreme and harsh locations in the world.

We provide comprehensive market insights, as well as commercial and engineering support to enable complex projects and guide strategic business decisions.  

Our expertise spans: 

  • Project framing  
  • Engineering support 
  • Permitting processes 
  • LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) and business case analysis 
  • Economic assessment 
  • Technology and concept design 
  • Material selection 
  • Safety and reliability assessments 
  • Supply chain optimization 
  • Fabrication, transport, and installation
  • Operations and maintenance support 

Our leading industry experts connect insights from different domains, offering a complete view of the intricate factors that drive project development. Tapping into Aker Solutions’ solid engineering, procurement, and construction track record, we guide our customers’ projects from inception to implementation. As systems engineers with detailed expertise across every component, whether fixed or floating, steel or concrete, our comprehensive understanding of how these elements work together enables us to create optimal solutions for our customers. 

Offshore Wind  

Over the past decade, the offshore wind market has seen substantial growth, with many countries acknowledging its potential and establishing large-scale initiatives. We understand the challenges in this market from addressing environmental impacts and grid connection to ensuring cost-effective solutions while scaling up. Offshore wind technology could also play a crucial role in CO2 reduction initiatives. For instance, the wind for oil program where wind turbines connect to oil and gas installations, enabling electrification of the facilities and contributing to overall emissions reduction efforts.  

To help customers realize their offshore wind projects, we apply complete system thinking across the commercial, regulatory, and technical aspects. Our teams are well versed in working in an integrated manner across domains, connecting system engineering to commercial models and regulatory compliance assessments. 

Recognizing that offshore wind is facing a severe cost challenge and that a high degree of standardization is required, we help to analyze and navigate technical challenges and design fit-for-purpose solutions where required.  

We have a long track record in designing cost-effective fixed and floating structures for the oil and gas industry. Combining this with our early-mover position in offshore wind and offshore grids allows us to leverage learnings from first-of-a-kind projects to bring down costs and help get projects to market. Wind farms with several major structures will only be realized through standardization of design and close collaboration with the turbine manufacturers, as well as optimized fabrication. With expertise from our four major yards, we have direct access to a wealth of fabrication, transport, logistics and installation experience. 

Our track record includes bottom-fixed and floating structures, mooring, and anchoring, power transmission, substation design, full system integration capabilities and complete system engineering. We also provide detailed engineering and analysis for high voltage systems.  


With more than 50 years’ experience in designing, delivering, and servicing floating structures in the world’s most challenging offshore environments, we combine our strong engineering, mooring, and construction expertise, with our net integration capabilities to realize aquaculture projects across the globe. 

Whether offshore, near shore or closed cage, we offer our feasibility studies, concept selection and development services, with a firm focus on sustainability and fish welfare. The wellbeing of fish is a critical aspect of our design process. We consider factors such as water quality, fish density, feeding operations, and stress reduction. By prioritizing fish welfare, we create environments that promote healthy growth and minimize negative impacts. Our goal is to ensure optimal performance and safety for both operators and the ecosystem.  

Ocean knowledge and marine technology 

Covering 70 percent of earth’s surface, the ocean is a critical and vast ecosystem that sustains life and energy, presenting both opportunities and challenges. Our deep understanding of ocean dynamics allows us to design robust structures that withstand the forces of waves, currents, and tides. We employ state-of-the-art methods and tools to assess loads, strength, and reliability. Whether it’s a floating structure, underwater installation, or a coastal infrastructure, we tailor our designs to meet our customers’ specific requirements. 

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