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Estimation is a core delivery of Entr’s early phase services, supporting decision making, and impacting the delivery strategy and business case.

We undertake a wide range of estimates for advisory studies and later phase engineering, provide estimation consulting and benchmarking, covering a wide variety of projects across the energy industry, onshore and offshore, greenfield and brownfield. 

At Entr, we base our estimates on methodologies and knowledge developed and acquired over decades, drawing upon our heritage and the wide range of studies and projects we have delivered. 

We support and impact critical decision making throughout the early project phases by translating concepts and scopes into quantities, costs, and schedules and through that, ensure decisions are robust. 

The build-up of estimates starts from our development work applying the appropriate methodologies and parameters, such as factors, norms, and rates, considering the maturity of the development. We work across all technical and commercial disciplines and interface with internal and external stakeholders. 

From as early in the development process as possible, we apply our estimation experience to influence and impact concept development, design, and execution philosophy. 

Our proven and tested methodologies for oil and gas projects, both onshore and offshore, serve as basis for our work in emerging solutions such as carbon capture, hydrogen, offshore wind, and aquaculture. We adapt and maintain best practices and innovate where new approaches are needed, to provide a robust fit-for-purpose solution. 

At Entr, we follow projects from origination to pre-FEED, providing a high-level order of magnitude estimates, top-down factor based and bottom-up quantity-based estimates (typically AACE* Class 5 to Class 3). 

As part of our offering, we typically provide: 

  • Cost estimates 
  • Quantity and weight estimates 
  • Planning and schedules estimates 
  • Gathering and conditioning of data for benchmarking 
  • Benchmarking - internal and external decision support  
  • Contribution to concept development and selection  
  • Tender support – benchmarking, quality assurance and reviews 
  • Project execution support services, including cost and weight management, providing both ad hoc and permanent resources. 
  • Developing and maintaining estimation tools and methodologies  

We continuously improve our tools, methodologies, and data to ensure robustness in the advice we provide our customers, relentlessly capturing learnings from our studies and from the projects executed by Aker Solutions. 

* (AACE = Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering) 

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