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In this decade, the energy industry is at an inflexion point, as it seeks to address the energy trilemma by bringing lower carbon, affordable and secure energy sources to reality. Many of the emerging value chains are immature or incomplete with nascent commercial and regulatory frameworks to enable their growth.

Our origination team supports customers in the early project development phases, providing opportunity framing and guidance to navigate the complexity of new energy projects. We bridge the technical and commercial realms to build holistic models for robust decision making. This enables us to support our customers in getting their projects to market in a timely and profitable manner.  

For successful project development, we understand that good decision making is critical at every stage of the process. Our approach builds on our extensive track record in early phase advisory and engineering as well as project execution and operational phase support. This allows us to guide early phase decision making with a deep understanding of how to successfully navigate from idea to reality. 

Every project and opportunity is unique. We tailor our approach and established frameworks to our customer needs, drawing upon expertise from a wide range of disciplines and project phases. From project development, cost analysis and benchmarking to defining contracting and execution strategy, we stand ready to support.  In particular, we help our customers through: 

Management Support 

Workshop facilitation - applicable across every phase of a project, workshop facilitation is used as a tool to identify new options, generate ideas, adjust strategy, mitigate risks, or strengthen decision making. Each time we execute a workshop, we believe that by gathering the right sets of expertise and views from the customer, partner and our own teams presents an invaluable opportunity to challenge, align and guide the rest of the work. This provides an unmissable opportunity to add value to the decision-making process. 

Value improvement practices – by tapping into our large pool of experts, we create tailored value improvement processes to help our customers improve their project economics and guide project teams with detailed assessments of prioritized opportunities for improvements. 

Decision support – we help customers frame and prepare decisions, using our quality decision methodology and leveraging our extensive experience, including technical solutions, cost estimates, schedule evaluation, as well as relevant rules, and regulations. 

Project development and strategy 

Opportunity framing in the early phase helps to define and scope opportunities or projects whilst ensuring they are aligned with the overall drivers, operational objectives, assumptions, and expectations. Understanding the risks, whether financial, technical, regulatory, or ESG-related is where we add value. We provide support for developing a project charter on a broad level and map the main decision gates in advance for maximum success. 

Concept screening and assessment – we assist our customers with comparing concepts and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each concept using our proven methodologies for techno-economic assessment. Our approach uses both quantitative and qualitative comparisons, including scalability and risk.  

Business case assessments – our experts provide analysis and high-level insights into cost and business case optimization support the pre-investment evaluation of project opportunities and technology.  

Techno-economic assessments 

Cost analysis – we help customers analyze the cost estimates of their projects, whether CAPEX, OPEX or LCOX. Through close collaboration between our advisors and engineers we run value improvement processes to optimize cost and value based on the cost analysis findings.  

Benchmarking – we provide benchmarking services for a wide range of project and technology types.  

Execution strategy 

Execution model and schedule - we work with our customers to develop fit-for-purpose execution models. Leveraging our extensive track record of successful project execution, we develop the right approach to secure delivery on budget, on time and to the right specifications. Our experience includes all sizes and phases of relevant projects, including design, procurement, fabrication, transport, installation, and testing. 

Contracting strategy - we map all aspects and potential delivery models with our contracting framework to enable our customers to shape successful contracting strategies. This includes methods for technologies, construction approach, supply chain/logistics, local content, construction yard and country screening, of transportation and infrastructure assessments, and reviewing schedules.  

Technical consultancy and due diligence 

Due diligence - our streamlined assessment methods provide efficient and cost-effective evaluations. We have an in-depth understanding of the factors affecting project schedules, costs, operational expenses, and performance, facilitating informed decision-making.

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