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Specialized services

We offer a broad spectrum of specialized services to the oil and gas and renewables industries, providing tailored solutions across all phases of project development from feasibility, through detailed design and onto the operational life of a facility. 

Marine & structural analysis  

We have decades of experience in delivering structural and hydrodynamic analyses for offshore assets. Our focus is to ensure existing structures are safe for operation beyond their original field life, and in accordance with current rules and regulations. Our services include advanced analysis for all marine floating and fixed structures as well as:  

  • Linear and non-linear structural analysis and re-analysis  
  • Development and maintenance of analysis models (in-place, fatigue, redundancy) 
  • Impact analysis and rapid damage analysis 
  • Wave-in-deck, wave-run up and green sea, response analysis (VIV) 
  • Accidental loads, fire and explosion analysis, insulation avoidance philosophies  
  • Riser, caissons, conductors, cables, umbilical and J-tube analysis 
  • Hydrodynamic, hydrostatic and CFD  
  • Stability, mooring and installation 
  • Development and update of structural inspection strategy and program 
  • Weight and centre of gravity management and assurance 
  • Annual reporting of asset integrity, and loading condition status  

Field development  

We work with customers to identify, select, and document the ideal field architecture for their development. This includes carrying out assessments from the seabed to the host platform or onshore facility. Flow assurance is governing the range of alternatives in hydrocarbon field development and CCS, and a key skill (see below). Our concept identification and screening process consists of establishing the drivers, selection criteria, building block alternatives, and assessing how the various concepts score according to the technical requirements, CAPEX, schedule, field economy and environmental footprint. Close collaboration in early phase field development is crucial to increase quality and speed in decision making. Our services include:  

  • Holistic field architecture and system engineering  
  • Topsides and subsea capacity balancing 
  • Concept identification, framing and screening 
  • Uncertainty and risk management 
  • Field planning and economy 

Flow assurance 

Understanding the flow of fluids and how they are transported from the reservoir, through pipelines and networks to a processing facility is crucial to minimise the risk of blockages and restrictions. A flow assurance assessment determines functional requirements such as pipeline sizing, insulation, utility systems, technology and subsea processing needs and how to operate the field in various operating scenarios. Our services include: 

  • Fluids modelling 
  • Multiphase flow simulations 
  • Equipment sizing 
  • Steady state modelling 
  • Solids management (hydrate, wax, scale, asphaltenes) 
  • Operational scenarios (startup, shutdown, warm-up and cool-down, depressurisation)  
  • Slugging assessment 
  • Integrated solutions  

Subsea, umbilicals, cables, risers, and flowlines (SURF)  

Our team provides a wide array of services within each of the SURF specialisms. Our services are holistic and agnostic, and cover concept and technology identification, readiness, and screening through to inspection planning, lifetime extension and decommissioning. We provide conceptual studies and analysis, advisory services, as well as design for all phases of a development.  

Our focus lies in providing optimal performance and minimal intervention work, both subsea, topsides and onshore. We also carry out project supervision and management for installation and intervention. Our services include: 

  • Subsea system engineering and field architecture 
  • Subsea building blocks and configuration 
  • Costing, benchmarking, and scheduling  
  • Subsea processing, boosting and compression. 
  • Cross section design  
  • Tie-in design, pull-in, Installation, and intervention  
  • Pre-commissioning and installation supervision 
  • Re-purposing (i.e. from hydrocarbons to CO2 or hydrogen)  
  • Integrity assessment, inspection planning and lifetime extension 
  • Umbilical and cables analysis 
  • Riser, caissons, and conductor analysis  
  • Materials design, corrosion protection, coating selection and insulation design

Advanced process control of facilities 

This group spearheads our work to pressure protect facilities, safeguard design and operations with respect to inlet facilities, failure modes, emergency depressurisation, flare system and fire integrity. Utilising a range of sophisticated software tools, we conduct a range of assessments and simulations to provide valuable insights and data to reduce costs and maximise the optimisation of systems and assets. Our services include: 

  • Dynamic simulations of process systems and troubleshooting. 
  • Inlet pressure protection analysis and gas blow-by analysis 
  • Unit control system response 
  • Compressor performance mapping 
  • Debottlenecking and optimisations  
  • Start-up and shutdown modelling 
  • Transient analysis 
  • Depressurisation and flare system analysis, mapping, and verifications 
  • Fire prevention systems design and verifications.  
  • Fire integrity analysis of process systems 
  • System flexibility and capacity verifications 
  • Blowdown  

Technical Safety

Our technical safety services aim to identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential hazards before they arise. We apply our insights across different locations regulatory frameworks. Using different tools, methodologies, and data sets we assess the likelihood, consequence, frequency, threshold limits, zoning, and implement risk reduction plans in accordance with regulatory requirements and/or best practice. These services provide advanced analysis within:  

  • Safety Case, system analysis and philosophies and barrier management 
  • HAZID/ HAZOP, SIL/ LOPA/ ISD, QRA, ALARP, risk acceptance and reliability. 
  • Firewater and fire and gas design, mapping, and verifications  
  • CFD, gas dispersions and accumulation 
  • Accidental loads and DAL 
  • Working environment/working environment health risk assessment/working area limits 
  • Operations, winterisation, access, evacuation, and maintainability 
  • Noise and vibrations 
  • Human factors 
  • Natural environment, environmental budget and ENVID 
  • BAT assessments  
  • Carbon footprint assessments (CFA) and life cycle assessment (LCA)

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