Safeguarding People and Assets

We work to ensure that employees and others working on our behalf can return home safely. The company often engages in work under challenging conditions, requiring the highest level of diligence in order to maintain the safety of employees and customers, subcontractors, consultants and other parties.

Aker Solutions’ health, safety, security and environment policy states that the company "shall promote safe, reliable, and sustainable operations to achieve our goal of zero harm to people, assets, and the environment."

HSSE Mindset

Having an HSSE mindset is core to how we live our Attitudes. We believe this mindset is an important contributor in reducing the number of serious incidents. The company has launched a global HSSE mindset program with quarterly modules rolled out to all employees. The goal is to create awareness of the main HSSE risks and/or opportunities and to ensure employees are prepared to handle these situations.

More on our approach to HSSE can be found here.