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Field Planning, Feasibility and Concept Studies

Improving the productivity of new and existing oil and gas fields has never been more important. Aker Solutions finds ways to increase value at every stage of an oilfield’s lifecycle.

Mature areas, deep water, remote locations, arctic frontiers, shallow reservoirs, high pressure and temperature, high CO2 content and marginal sizes: all fields are unique and require competence, experience and technology for successful development. Aker Solutions provides field planning, feasibility and concept studies for all field types at all stages. We work closely together with our clients to increase value at every stage of the field lifecycle.

Integrated Subsea and Platform Solutions

Aker Solutions is the only company in the oil-service industry that offers integrated subsea and platform solutions for developing new and existing oil and gas fields. By tapping into our combined technology and experience base in design, construction, maintenance and upgrades, we ensure reliable and cost effective operations and maximize oil recovery in every scenario.

Our solutions cover subsea to shore, subsea tie-backs to existing facilities, subsea processing solutions with corresponding electrical power supply, new fixed platforms, new floating facilities, retrofit solutions on existing facilities as well as onshore processing facilities.

Reliable and Consistent

Our feasibility and concept studies focus on the specific building blocks and detail these to the required level. We prove a project’s feasibility by uncovering potential technology gaps and specify fabrication and installation requirements. Building on our competence, experience and continuously updated in-house databases, we help our clients to minimize commercial uncertainty and provide a reliable basis for decision making with consistency and realism in cost, schedule and design.

We provide detailed consultancy services within flow assurance, mooring system analysis, riser analysis, high-voltage power transfer analysis, risk analysis, value improvement, layout reviews, cost and weight estimation and technology readiness evaluations.

We minimize HSE risk by integrating "HSE in design" in the field development and concept selection process. By ensuring that all building blocks are based on recent project experience and updated technology status, we reduce operational risk to a minimum.

Our Expertise

Field Development

Finding the best way to develop a new field requires communication and interaction between a large number of areas of expertise. We integrate all the competence areas from reservoir to exported product in one team – in one room.

Flow Assurance and Field Architecture

The purpose of field development is to transfer oil and gas from the reservoir to exportable products in a cost effective and safe manner. Combining our flow assurance and multiphase flow competence with our technology know-how, we develop the right field architecture, guaranteed to handle all operational scenarios.


Developing fields in deep water require experience from a number of areas. We combine our full range of floating facility concepts with subsea pumping and processing to create the most efficient solutions for our clients.

Subsea Tiebacks

Addressing the subsea system, the flowlines, the umbilical and the topside modification in a holistic manner, we develop cost-effective subsea tie-backs to existing facilities.

Front-end development

Front-end development services enable customers to develop the most attractive development solution. Our experience stretches from floaters to fixed installations, from onshore to offshore.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Increasing the recovery from mature fields is becoming more and more important. Using our in-depth knowledge of polymer injection, lowsal water injection and CO2 injection, we are developing optimized facility designs for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

Brownfield Optimization

Maximizing production from existing facilities requires actions ranging from optimizing the control systems and de-bottlenecking the processes to design and installation of new modules. We develop solutions for modifications that minimize production shut-down and offshore manhours.

Subsurface and Subsea

Crossing the Subsurface/Seabed Divide, we facilitate communication between the subsurface experts and the facilities experts. Integrating reservoir & in-well with subsea & topside systems, we work to increase production, improve recovery and reduce total field development costs.

Floating Facilities

Deep water and long distance to shore require floating facilities. Developing the right floating facilities require deep expertise in a large number of areas like riser design, mooring system design, hydrodynamics and hull design, combined with topside design. Using our deep product competence from design of semisubmersibles, FPSOs, TLPs, spar and buoys, combined with our in-house weight estimation systems, we are able to select and design the right solutions for our clients.


Having our arctic competence center located north of the arctic circle, we use our world-leading arctic and ice expertise to develop fixed and floating substructures and winterized facilities providing optimized regularity and HSE in arctic environments.

Subsea Production Systems

Based on flow assurance and our updated technology know-how, we develop the most cost-effective subsea solutions. Understanding the full impact of requirements and choices made, we are able to assist our clients to find the right balance between robustness, flexibility and cost.

Subsea Processing

Combining our subsea expertise with our engineering expertise, we are in a unique position when developing subsea pumping, compression and processing concepts for our clients. Our experience from development of the worlds most advanced subsea processing facility is invaluable when creating concepts for increased recovery and reduced cost.

Unmanned Facilities

To reduce HSE challenges, enable operation of facilities in remote areas and minimize operational cost, we are a frontrunner in development of unmanned facilities. Building on our subsea mindset and experience, we are designing unmanned and remotely operated facilities with minimized maintenance requirements.


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Field Planning, Feasibility and Concept Studies

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