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Floater Designs

Our proven floater designs enable oil and gas production, storage and offloading in the world’s most challenging offshore environments. We are one of the world’s most experienced contractors for delivery of floating oil and gas installations.

Aker Solutions designs and constructs some of the world’s most advanced semisubmersible drilling and production platforms, floating production storage and offloading vessels and tension-leg platforms for use in deep (1,500 meters) or medium (300 meters) water depths. We have had a key role in the delivery of 15 of the world’s most recognized projects for floating platforms. 

Our unique experience in managing large and complex projects is particularly relevant in design for harsh and arctic environments.

We offer standalone hull design as well as complete and integrated floating facilities, hulls, platform production, mooring, risers and drilling systems.

With more than 40 years of experience we have developed the insight and expertise needed to turn our proven technology into solutions that fit the function and requirements of each unique project.

Our Floater Solutions

Semisubmersible Platforms

Submerged pontoons provide buoyancy and favorable motion characteristics. Aker Solutions’ standardized semisubmersible platform solution is based on decades of experience from platforms in operation. Our hull design is scalable to accommodate any platform size and weight.

Tension-Leg Platforms (TLPs)

TLPs are permanently moored by high-tension tethers or tendons, virtually eliminating vertical motion and enabling installation of wellheads on deck instead of on the seafloor. Aker Solutions’ multidisciplinary competencies allow holistic TLP design, with focus on the interdependence of risers, facilities, hull, tendons and foundations.

Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Vessels (FPSOs)

FPSOs allow production without a pipeline or constant presence of a tanker. They are suitable for small and large fields and remote areas. Aker Solutions pioneered FPSO design for harsh environments through its Tentech™ portfolio. Our standardized solutions can be adapted to fit any field and client requirement.

Semisubmersible Drilling Rigs

Hulls provide stability for safe drilling operations. From early designs in the 1970s, Aker Solutions has built on the world’s most popular drilling rig design – the H-3 – to develop the state-of-the-art H-6e rig, which is capable of operating in harsh environments and arctic conditions.

Dry-Tree Semisubmersible Platforms

This platform type enables the wellhead and subsea tree to be above water rather than on the seafloor. This cost-efficient concept merges the benefits of the semisubmersible and TLP designs.

Belly Spars

The belly spar has a single, large cylindrically shaped hull with ballast at the base for stability. It can accommodate integrated storage tanks. Compared to conventional spars, the belly spar offers improved fatigue characteristics and enables cost-efficient construction through automated fabrication.

Shallow Draft Buoys

The shallow draft buoy eliminates the need for a turret. Cylindrical buoys provide oil and condensate storage as an alternative to ship-shaped FPSOs.

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Floater Designs

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