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Carbon Capture

Building on 20 years of experience, Aker Solutions with the rest of the Aker group, is uniquely positioned across the entire CO2 value chain, through capture and onshore terminal and subsea injection. Photo: Aker Carbon Capture

Our expertise and people, some of them with experience going back to the ground-breaking Sleipner and Mongstad projects, make us a driving force, pushing technology and solutions forward.

CO2 is earth’s natural ingredient, turned in to a climate threat by human exploitation of natural resources and need for energy. Being part of this history has put Aker Solutions in a position where we are uniquely qualified to contribute to developing a solution to the climate challenges.

Carbon capture is a valuable tool contributing to the reduction of CO2-emissions during the period we need to develop new, global sustainable energy solutions. The technology capture emissions, for example by harvesting smoke from a factory chimney, separating CO2 through a chemical process using amine solvents, liquifying the CO2 and making it suitable for transport. It is then injected deep underground, into geological formations for storage.

Aker Solutions’ track record in this field dates back to the 90’s oil and gas exploration, when we constructed the solution at the Sleipner field that captures the carbon and inject it back into the ground. Later, the Technology Centre Mogstad (TCM) was delivered using what is now Aker Carbon Capture's technology – a plant which is the world's largest and most flexible test center for developing CO2 capture technologies and a competence.

Today we see that carbon capture and storage will be a viable climate alternative for a wide range of industries such as cement production, waste to energy, natural gas and hydrogen production.

The Norwegian government has launched a carbon capture and storage project in Norway, named Longship. The project represents a milestone for the industry and for the climate in terms of technology development and amount of reduced emissions.

Given our history and experience, Aker Solutions is probably the best positioned supplier with the competence and capabilities necessary to the deliver solutions for all parts of Longship. Using an amine plant, 400,000 metric tons of CO2 will be separated from the flue gas, liquefied and transported to and stored at the Northern Lights onshore CO2 terminal at Kollsnes. It will then be pumped through subsea pipelines to Smeaheia in the North Sea for permanent storage, 1,000 meters below the surface.

We have already delivered the first part of the subsea CO2 injection system and commenced work on the onshore terminal. The completed injection system will be able to handle 1.5 million metric tons of CO2 every year from the start, with plans for an upgrade to 5 million metric tons at a later stage.

For Aker Solutions, the Longship project also includes assisting Aker Carbon Capture in the delivery of a complete, new facility for capture, intermittent storage and offloading of CO2, with integrated waste-heat recovery. The CO2 captured in Brevik will be transported to the Northern Lights project for permanent storage.

Aker Solutions is uniquely positioned across the entire CCUS (carbon capture, usage and storage) value chain, through capture, where we support Aker Carbon Capture, onshore terminal and subsea injection. Combined with our unique expertise this enables us to offer a reduced cost of capture, giving us a leading role in the marketplace.

The climate effect of what we do today, in cooperation and competition with other players in this industry, will be significant. Without carbon capture, the world will probably not be able to reach the Paris climate goals.

This is why we change – and this is how we do it.