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Building on a history of technological and engineering accomplishments, Aker Solutions is at the forefront of applying digital solutions to power the shift from fossil to renewable energy production. Part of this ground-breaking work is digitalizing and harvesting data for better design and operations, ultimately transforming the energy value chain.

Innovation and continuous improvement have always been at the core of our product development and operations. However, digital technologies such as industrial Internet of Things and Machine Learning/A.I., allow for a step change, to fundamentally transform the way that we work and deliver our products and services. The rapid pace of technological advancement creates a paradigm shift, giving us unprecedented leverage and opportunity when shaping our common zero-emission future.

Together with our customer alliances and partners, we are using our strong position within Oil and Gas, Renewables and Carbon Capture and Storage to test, experiment and learn. We explore how increased connectivity, sophisticated sensors, edge computing and advanced analytics can be combined with physical and 3-D models to produce Digital Twins that revolutionize the industrial experience. We challenge ourselves to think different, to work different, and ultimately reimagine a more robust and sustainable future.

As we ramp up and invest heavily in digitalization, we estimate a reduction in engineering and fabrication manhours by up to 20% in the next two years alone. This will allow us to provide even more cost competitive low carbon energy solutions to the global industry and will be key to our growth within the renewable markets.

Every day, production, delivery and maintenance Is being reimagined and optimized by our engineers. The possibility to 3D-print spare parts on-site and on-demand saves significant time and replaces large physical inventory with a digital warehouse. Analysis of historical, present and simulated datasets helps us uncover, understand and solve bottlenecks we didn’t even know existed.

In a recent customer project, condition monitoring analytics allowed us to identify the root cause of a hydraulic pressure issue on a large subsea field west of Shetland. The real-time data streams supported an 80% reduction in required vessel and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) time. This represents a potential saving of millions of NOK, because the search area was narrowed down from 26 structures to six.

Aker Solutions encapsulates nearly 200 years of experience and knowledge of solving complex problems. Taking the lead in digital solutions puts us in a unique position to shape the future to create not only sustainable energy production – but also profitable business and jobs for the future.

It is time for a transformation and Aker Solutions is ready to lead it.