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Offshore Wind

Five decades worth of offshore experience has made Aker Solutions an important player in the race for sustainable energy production. Offshore wind is one of several renewable energy sources required for a zero-emission world.

Our history and experience in oil and gas is both what makes us qualified, and motivated, to deliver carbon neutral solutions within offshore wind and renewables. Aker Solutions has been part of a historic, technological evolution harvesting resources by developing advanced solutions and processes – and this makes us certain we can do it again, this time with a zero-emission goal as a necessary precondition.

Aker Solutions' transition into offshore wind has been a natural process based on experience and technology developed back in the 80’s and 90’s, for both shallow and deep waters. What we have learnt, is that a sustainable future will have to build upon our history of problem solving and nut cracking in other fields.

"I have become a technology optimist during the last year and a half focusing on the possibility of renewables and offshore wind. Concepts and solutions that were mere thoughts 12 months ago are now piloting or even being implemented, as part of the race for a zero-emission world," says Kenneth Simonsen, Senior Vice President, Offshore Wind, Aker Solutions.

The fact that more than eighty percent of the global offshore wind resources are located in deep water, further underlines that our history, spanning more than 150 complex floating structures, and experience from harsh waters, will be valuable going forward.

We have already built and delivered 49 jackets for the German offshore windfarm Nordsee Ost. Today we are part of Hywind Tampen, the largest floating wind project ever to be constructed, contracted to deliver and install 11 floating concrete hulls for wind turbines.

And Aker Solutions' competitive advantage in this industry is an excellent metaphor for how we will have to drive change through cooperation. We have our own unique experience and solutions, but at the same time our strength lies in our ability to deliver the whole project, combining all partners and suppliers necessary to finish on time, on budget, complying with the world’s highest HSE-standards.

For a company with a history spanning almost 200 years back, the ability to change has been a necessity. Today, it’s fair to say that change is the only constant. And with offshore wind, Aker Solutions is both driving the change, and changing itself.

Photo: Equinor