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Electrical transmission

Electrical power transmission is a cornerstone of the energy transition. We apply our extensive experience along with our broad skills in high-voltage (HV) systems to provide strategic guidance and solutions for a wide range of electrical power schemes. 

Our capabilities in electrical power transmission are centralized into a systems engineering advisory group. We guide our customers through the technical and commercial complexities of assessing and designing high voltage infrastructure, whether it involves offshore and onshore power grids, offshore wind, electrification of oil and gas platforms or any other element of electrical transmission.

We are experienced in designing total power solutions and the associated infrastructure including offshore substations of all types (floating, fixed, or subsea), cable landfall, onshore substations, and onshore grid connections. We are early movers in the field of substations, having executed several such projects, and can help navigate the uncertainty from initial design through all lifecycle phases. 

Also, we have particular expertise in subsea power systems and their development.  Our know-how is grounded in our unique experience and competence from advanced subsea processing systems which have been operating for many years.  Subsea infrastructure can provide significant benefits in terms of CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Comparing and optimizing solutions requires a combination of technical and commercial considerations. We offer a range of techno-economic services to support such assessments and the design of high voltage systems and cables. This includes technology comparisons such as AC vs DC, assessing power efficiency and the levelized cost of energy (LCOE), to CAPEX/OPEX estimation and assessment. Our support extends to execution assessment and optimization, including the evaluation of schedule, installation, and fabrication approach. 

Partnership with Unitech Power Systems  

Together with Unitech Power Systems, we offer market-leading expertise in the design, analysis, and review of electrical power systems. Unitech is one of Europe’s leading electrical power systems consultants within high voltage analyses and was acquired by Aker Solutions in 2022. Unitech operates independently but we partner where it makes sense, notably in new and emerging markets. 

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