CCUS: A Critical Component of the Net-Zero Journey

Carbon capture, utilization and storage is a key technology in that fight, and will play a crucial role in curbing emissions particularly from hard to abate industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Climate Action

Aker Solutions is committed to CCUS as part of our broad approach to enabling, and facilitating, the global energy transition.

The technology will play a central role in our portfolio of low-carbon and renewables solutions, which will make up one-third of our revenues by 2025, and two-thirds by 2030.

Climate Action Plan: Creating a Roadmap for the Energy Transition

CCUS will, further, build and sustain a climate action culture based on tangible results that not only achieve strategic climate outcomes, but which catalyse new opportunities and accelerate the energy transition.

Making History

Aker Solutions has been involved in CCUS for more than 25 years and we are proud to have contributed to the landmark Sleipner Treatment Platform off Norway with its carbon capture, compression and injection system – where one million metric tons of CO2 per annum has been stored in shallow water aquafer.

Fast forward to today, in Norway, we are supporting two pioneering, first-of-a-kind projects: working together with Aker Carbon Capture to sequester CO2 from the Heidelberg Cement Norcem plant in Brevik before transporting it via the Northern Lights facility and infrastructure to be stored beneath the North Sea.

Specifically for Northern Lights, Aker Solutions is playing a key role having delivered the subsea trees for the injection well and carrying out the engineering, procurement and construction work for the land terminal.

And we are ready to put our shoulder to the wheel at Net Zero Teesside in England. The integrated project includes an 860 MW combined cycle gas turbine with carbon captured at source and transported to geological storage in the North Sea.

In Scotland, we have mapped potential CCUS solutions for the 28 largest emitters on behalf of the Neccus alliance – producing results in half the usual time thanks to a standardized methodology, digital tools and software solutions.


CCUS is not without its challenges. It is a complex, cross-discipline technology that requires expertise in engineering, construction, power and transport. Aker Solutions is uniquely positioned to cover the bases:

  • CO2 competence, Flow assurance and material selection
  • Extensive offshore and onshore project management experience
  • Subsea development and technology
  • Brownfield renovation
  • Pipeline infrastructure
  • Major fabrication

Crucially, Aker Solutions is also proactively facilitating and engaging in the partnerships and collaborations that will be the necessary foundation to fulfilling the huge promise of CCUS.


We believe in the energy transition, we understand the challenges ahead, and we are ready to make a significant contribution to the solutions required to address climate change.

Carbon capture is an established technology, has a proven – and safe – track record, and offers the potential to transform the hard-to-abate sectors of our industrial landscape: manufacturing, processing, chemicals and power.

Tens of thousands of jobs can be created, protected and sustained, efficiencies can be accelerated with cost curves reduced, and global export opportunities can be secured – all while climate targets are achieved across some of the most carbon-stubborn segments of the economy.

Solving global energy challenges for future generations. That is Aker Solutions.