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Aker Solutions ASA: Sale of own shares for employee share purchase program

Aker Solutions ASA (“Aker Solutions”) has sold own shares in connection with the company’s employee share purchase program for 2024.
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The program entitles employees of the company in Norway to purchase shares of Aker Solutions for an amount up to NOK 60,000. Shares are offered at a maximum discount of NOK 7,500 (discount not to exceed 25 percent of the subscription amount) per participant for the entire 2024 program. 

Allocation of shares to participants is quarterly; in March, June, September and December 2024. In addition, participants who remain employed and have not sold any program shares as of December 31, 2027, will receive matching shares in the ratio 1:2; one matching share for every two shares acquired under the program. 

Under the June 2024 allocation, executed today, Aker Solutions has sold a total of 333,487 shares to program participants. The shares were sold at a price per share (excluding applicable discount) of NOK 42.8303, which is equal to the volume-weighted average price of the Aker Solutions share on Euronext Oslo Børs over the period from and including June 13, 2024, up to and including June 19, 2024.

Following these transactions, Aker Solutions has a holding of 12,364,812 own shares.


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