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Design and Construction of Offshore Oil and Gas Production Facilities

Aker Solutions’ offshore facility designs provide safe and efficient oil and gas production with an excellent availability ratio. Our facilities can be installed in any water depth, location or climate.

Oil and gas production facilities are installed on a field in order to make the transportation of the main products possible. Stabilized oil is transported in oil pipelines or shuttle tankers, and dry gas in gas pipelines. The gas is in some cases treated to the requirements of the end user and distributed directly to national gas distribution systems. Such production facilities, often called topsides, takes form of deck structures installed on fixed or floating substructures. The topside facilities range from simple wellhead platforms with a minimum of equipment to facilities with full production and processing capabilities.

Depending on the concept and functionality the topside can contain equipment for production drilling, extraction and processing as well as storage and export of oil and natural gas, with all required utility and process support systems. They can also contain living quarters for the offshore workforce.

Across the Board Competence

Aker Solutions’ designs range from complete and integrated offshore production facilities with fixed or floating substructures to topside solutions that can be installed on sub-structures designed by others. Our facility designs range in weight from 2,000 to more than 40,000 metric tons.

Our heritage from the Norwegian continental shelf has made us specialists in designing for deepwater, harsh-weather and arctic conditions. We have more than four decades of experience in managing large and complex projects from start to finish and have in-house expertise in all engineering disciplines and procurement services.

Throughout the phases of a project, we provide clients with all required utility and process support systems. With the right balance between cost, schedule and quality, we help clients maximize asset value throughout the field life. We learn through experience and continuously improve our designs. Health, safety and the environment are also central to our designs in all project phases.

Our Offshore Oil and Gas Production Facilities Designs

  • Fixed production facilities
  • Floating production facilities
  • Wellhead platforms
  • Unmanned/not-normally-manned platforms

Aker Solutions’ facility at Stord, Norway, plays a major role in our topside projects. We design and build topsides for installation on a broad range of platform substructures, including: 

  • Steel jacket substructures
  • Gravity base structures (GBS) 
  • Semi-submersible floating production platforms
  • Floating production, storage and offloading units (FPSOs)
  • Drilling rigs 
  • Tension leg platforms (TLPs)