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Cultivating Digital Culture: Empowering People Through Digitalization

Through EMPOWR, we are cultivating a digital culture to increase the speed of value creation and innovation.

At Aker Solutions, we are leading the digital transformation at an organization level through our digital program, EMPOWR. Our people are driving the transition to more sustainable energy production by exploring new ways of working using digital technologies.

EMPOWR is spearheaded by the disruptive NOA Digital project. In the NOA and Fulla field development, our digital initiatives can help reduce the capital expenditure and enable significant savings in the operational phase through a highly enriched digital twin.

By ensuring the successful scaling and adoption of digital tools and processes from NOA Digital across our organization, EMPOWR will transform established value chains to enable low carbon and renewable solutions.

Driving Value Through Digital Continuity

We are activating data across industry to capture full value potential and empower our people to challenge traditional engineering, construction and maintenance processes.

We develop digital solutions to enable on-demand and cost effective operational services, such as unmanned operations and predictive maintenance.

We digitally enhance the detection of constructability issues by improving the quality of data flow in the 3D models. This enables automatic tracking of deviations and reduce rework in the design and fabrication phases. With paperless manufacturing, we will be able to minimize cost and risk by using execution engine for assembly, testing and shop floor reporting.

Adapting to New Ways of Working to Stay Ahead

We are moving towards a data-centric model by encouraging open and transparent data sharing, automated tasks and digital supplier interactions.

With the digital vendor data initiative, we are reimagining our current ways of working. It is a time-efficient and cost-effective way to significantly reduce waste by automating manual work processes and reduce the need to exchange and review physical documents. It eliminates transaction costs for exchanging vendor data and reduce lead time in receiving and approving information.

Our mobile construction workforce application, called WeBuild, is another digital initiative that reduces overall cost through paperless operations. It encourages seamless digital collaboration among operators and managers. WeBuild offers access to a fully digital version of the old paper-based job orders with cost saving functionality. Through this mobile application, operators can also exchange information, access drawings and do progress reporting.

Through EMPOWR, we combine innovative digital solutions with our domain expertise and predictable project execution to create value for our customers, increase internal efficiency and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy production.

EMPOWR is how we #PowerTheChange.