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EMPOWR Is How We #PowerTheChange

Digitalization is not just about technology. It is fundamental to everything we do.

At Aker Solutions, we collaborate and exchange information with our customers, vendors, colleagues and partners, and ensure predictable, quality deliveries of our product and services.

Building on our expertise and proven track-record, we are now launching our digital transformation program, EMPOWR.

Through EMPOWR, we increase the speed of value creation and innovation for a more sustainable future.

NOA Digital is at the heart of EMPOWR.

EMPOWR is spearheaded by the disruptive NOA Digital project. NOA Digital introduces new ways of working and opens up opportunities for significant cost and schedule savings throughout the project delivery with the development of continuously updated digital twin.

Together with our partners, we are leveraging cutting edge digital capabilities to deliver solutions in real-time and reduce capital and operational expenditure.

With EMPOWR, we will scale these digital solutions and new ways of working to the broader industry by transforming established value-chains and enabling low carbon and renewable solutions.

We empower our customers to make better decisions by accessing data in real-time.

We uncover, understand and solve previously unknown barriers by analyzing historical, current and simulated datasets, and offer flexibility to our customers to consume contextualized data in the way they prefer, in real-time, throughout the project.

Our intelligent subsea solutions are built on a digital foundation with a suite of advanced applications to automate engineering and provide actionable insight, ensuring the long-term performance of subsea assets.

We empower our partners to challenge and disrupt traditional processes to create new and better solutions.

We combine integrated engineering and construction tools, connectivity for supplier information, sophisticated sensors for operational data and advanced analytics with physical and 3D models. We offer continuously updated digital twin to extend life span and revolutionize engineering, construction and maintenance.

Together with our partners, we are radically improving the cross-functional process of merging Vendor & Facility design by transforming the way we collaborate with vendors, exchange information and ensure quality of vendor information deliverables.

We empower our people to use digital tools and technologies to identify better ways of working.

Our people are skilled problem solvers, driven to develop viable solutions. Our digital tools provide our stakeholders easy access to data and reduce the need to write and exchange documents by introducing automated checks to avoid errors.

We have digitally enhanced the process of detecting constructability issues by improving quality and data flow in the 3D-model to reduce holds and rework in fabrication engineering.

Our mobile construction workforce solution is another great example. It provides our operators and managers access to a completely digital version of the old paper-based job orders with additional cost saving functionality.

EMPOWR will combine innovative digital solutions with our domain expertise and predictable project execution to unlock value for our customers, partners, shareholders and society.

This is how we #PowerTheChange.