Partners Across Value Chains: Using Data to Unlock Value for Our Customers

Aker Solutions is a flexible and adaptive partner for our customers. Together, we spearhead new solutions by complementing them in their digital transformation journeys and transforming established value chains.

Through our digital program, EMPOWR, we empower our customers to make better decisions by accessing data in real time.

From streamlining processes to increasing productivity and reducing cost, we are driving the way digitalization transforms our project development and operational experience.

We are recognized for our open, transparent and collaborative approach.

By collaborating with our customers throughout the value chain, we deliver innovative solutions regardless of their digital strategy. Our flexible digital infrastructure and information model can adapt to any requirements and is a catalyst for remote operations and substantial savings.

We implement digital solutions and activate data across all technology tiers from infrastructure to experience to identify the overall risk picture, develop maturity plans and work across value chains including front-end, engineering, operations, support and project management.

The Subsea Alliance, with Aker BP and Subsea 7, highlights how we partner without hierarchy and collaborate with our customers throughout the whole value chain. This alliance disrupts the traditional silo model by working together as one team to build cost effective solutions with reduced risks and interfaces. We challenge each other to transform the way we think and work together to turn our digital vision into reality.

We believe that mutual trust is key for every good partnership. Through digitalization, LEAN operations and flexible models, the Subsea Alliance is working on improving margins by maximizing flow efficiency and minimizing waste.

Digitalization is how we accelerate the transition to sustainable energy production.

Our digital approach also enables us to identify more sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Digitalization is not just about digital tools, it is fundamental to everything we do.

We partner with our customers across value chains and use digital technologies to work smarter, reduce waste, improve safety and provide better products and services. Together, we challenge the cost driven decision-making process and focus on continuous value creation and innovation.

JustEco is a perfect example of how we are accelerating the transition to sustainable energy production by adapting a more data-centric approach. It is an idea that came out of a hackathon in 2019 to develop a simple tool to enable our customers to make more sustainable decisions.

With the JustEco tool, we can visualize lifecycle costs and environmental footprint related to power consumption. This enables us to design more cost-effective and energy optimized solutions for our customers. The tool is driving us towards more sustainable solutions with reduced carbon emissions.

JustEco is a very interesting development and it is gaining a lot of interest both inside and outside our organization. The Aker BP Modification Alliance has identified the implementation of JustEco as one of their strategic goals for designing sustainable solutions going forward. Analyzing concepts or equipment options and selecting the best solution have never been easier. Bringing JustEco from a spreadsheet to a fully digital solution really empowers our people and accelerates our ambition to deliver field life solutions enabling a low carbon future.
Jonathan Greene, Digitalization Manager, Aker Solutions

So far JustEco has identified 14,500 metric tons CO2 per year in potential reduction across multiple projects. We have just started to scratch the surface of the potential savings that can be achieved. The application is now being piloted in the Aker BP Modification Alliance and will be implemented in other projects and locations in late 2021.

Powered by our domain expertise and our strategic partnerships, we strive to transform the way we work together to become more efficient and identify new opportunities. We offer flexibility to our customers to access contextualized data in the way they prefer, in real-time.

EMPOWR is how we #PowerTheChange.

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