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Digital Vendor Data: Transforming the Way We Collaborate

Digital vendor data is streamlining cross company collaboration by challenging the ways we traditionally exchange information and collaborate with partners.

Our digital journey will change the way we deliver projects.

At Aker Solutions, digitalization is not just about using digital tools. It is about how we can challenge and disrupt traditional processes to create new and better solutions.

With the launch of our digital program, EMPOWR, we are accelerating our transition to a sustainable energy future by transforming established value chains to create value for our customers.

EMPOWR is spearheaded by the disruptive NOA digital project. The NOA Fulla field development, operated by Aker BP, will transform the way we deliver and operate capital oil and gas projects by setting new standards for cost efficiency and low carbon emission through digitalization and collaboration.

Together with the customer and partners Aize and Cognite, we have identified key digital initiatives that will shape the project development to ensure substantial savings in the operational phase. One of the key digital initiatives is "Digtial Vendor Data".

I am very excited about the opportunities this tool will provide in improving flow and reducing waste in our project execution. I think everyone that has worked in the information exchange between different vendors, see the enormous opportunities that lies in seamless exchange of data and drawings instead of documents. Digital Vendor data will address this.
Geir Glømmi, Senior Vice President, Aker Solutions

The Digital Vendor Data initiative uses data to reimagine the way we collaborate.

Digital Vendor Data is one of the digital initiatives in disruptive NOA Digital project. It will improve cross-functional process of merging vendor and facility design by transforming the way we collaborate with vendors, exchange information and ensure quality of vendor information deliverables.

With 3D model and Tag Register Data collaboration, we are liberating data to reduce project cost and increase efficiency.

The traditional revision cycle takes more than six weeks as there are no intuitive platforms available for the supplier and vendor to collaborate on interface information. Delayed updates and poor data quality results in rework affecting productivity and quality of engineering. With the Digital Vendor Data strategic initiative, we focus on the current processes to realize overall improvement potential.

With the planned functionality in Digital Vendor Data, we will drastically reduce repetitive manual tasks throughout the project lifetime for both the project stakeholders and suppliers. In doing so we reduce non-value generating work and increase the quality of information handed over to our customers.
Anders Omvang, Senior Engineer, Aker Solutions

Digital Vendor Data enables engineers to easily review and comment on objects in supplier 3D models that are integrated into the global project design through role-based workflows.

Through easy and transparent information sharing process, we can significantly reduce document handling efforts. We are also accelerating validation and review process of vendor data by minimizing iterations in facility and vendor design.

With Information exchange system, suppliers can collaborate using structured data, related to tags or interface objects. This results in high quality data population with less manhours and shorter schedule. Digital requirement updates increase the amount of data validation and verify data quality management (DQM) rules.

Digital vendor data significantly reduces the amount of document-based vendor deliverables by moving information as structured data in the database and includes details in the 3D model for review. This also eliminates transaction costs for exchange of vendor information.

Through EMPOWR, we scale these new ways of working across value chains to enable a complete digital project journey for our customers.

EMPOWR is how we #PowerTheChange.