Populating the Digital Twin: Connecting Data Across the Project Lifecycle

Aker Solutions has always been at the forefront of change. Building on our rich history and proven track record of deploying digital technologies, we are transforming the way we work to increase the speed of innovation and value creation.

To accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future, we have launched our digital program, EMPOWR. With digitalization as our fundamental enabler, we are disrupting traditional processes to deliver solutions in real-time, creating true value for our customers and partners.

Enabling Better Decisions With a Digital Twin

A digital twin is a digital representation of the physical world that can replicate and predict the behavior and limitations of the actual product in all virtually simulated scenarios. With this continuously updated data model, we can determine the real-time conditions of the product throughout its lifetime by utilizing gathered information associated with the physical product.

At Aker Solutions, we offer state-of-the-art digital delivery with a natively embedded digital twin in any project, enabling lower OPEX throughout the asset lifecycle. By making data available anytime, anywhere through a collaborative platform, we minimize the time spent on re-work, review and interface management.

We offer a continuously updated digital twin through modern, industry-standard APIs (application programming interfaces) to extend life span and revolutionize engineering, construction and maintenance processes. By combining integrated engineering and construction tools, connectivity for supplier information, sophisticated sensors and advanced analytics with physical and 3D models, we enable real-time monitoring and asset management.

With access to a constant stream of live data throughout project delivery, we eliminate the need for outdated legacy systems and a traditional document-rich information sharing model.

A digital twin is no longer an optional add-on to a project, it is embedded in any delivery. Populating the twin is how we perform our work and making this available to our customers in real-time will be mutually beneficial. By giving our customers the flexibility to consume the twin in the way they prefer, we are certain we will be the right partner for customers of any digital maturity.
Jørgen Tellefsen, SVP Digitalization, Aker Solutions

By integrating data into a truly digital asset, we optimize and simulate solutions to automate engineering, create new ways to install and maintain facilities and improve safety by removing our people from harm's way.

We solve current data issues to predict best business outcomes and extend asset lifespan by evolving and improving instead of re-inventing and re-building. By analyzing historical, current and simulated datasets, we offer our customers the flexibility to consume contextualized data in the way they prefer, in real-time.

With access to high-quality data, we empower our customers to make better decisions to minimize project costs while investing in sustainable digital solutions to work smarter, reduce waste and improve safety.

Disrupting Data Silos With NOA Digital

EMPOWR is spearheaded by the disruptive NOA Digital project. The NOA Fulla field development, operated by Aker BP, will transform the way we deliver projects through a fully digitalized project execution model aimed at setting new standards for cost efficiency. Together with our customer and partners Aize and Cognite, we have identified key digital initiatives to ensure savings in the operational phase.

The NOA Digital project is a catalyst for changes in current and future projects. It has introduced new ways of working, focused on a continuously updated digital twin, with new applications and processes from concept to commissioning.

With our next-generation project execution model, enabled by Cognite's data platform and diverse set of Aize’s software applications, we are building a digital thread across segments throughout the project lifecycle.

Through EMPOWR, we will scale these digital solutions to the broader industry by transforming established value-chains and enabling low carbon and renewable solutions, while realizing significant value. 

EMPOWR is how we #PowerTheChange.

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